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For most consumers, researching businesses often begins online. This is why now is a good time to claim and optimize your Better Business Bureau profile.

For over 100 years, the Better Business Bureau, or BBB, has operated in a manner that carries weight with consumers to the present day. Its online presence continues to help consumers find businesses and charities that they can trust.

What is the Better Business Bureau?

The Better Business Bureau is a site that offers independent ratings and reviews for businesses across a broad spectrum of industries. The goal is to measure the integrity and trustworthiness that businesses have built through interactions with customers.

Adding a business profile to the site comes with two primary metrics. The first is a letter grade that BBB awards based on an assessment of the business’s overall reliability.

The second is a star rating based on the customer reviews posted to that particular BBB business profile.

Why Consumers Trust the BBB

The Better Business Bureau has several regional chapters to oversee businesses in each chapter’s respective region. Due to its authoritative reputation, millions of people look for information on the BBB site about businesses.

Consumers trust BBB to present fair and accurate information about these businesses.

Why Claim Your BBB Business Profile

Generally, consumers who visit the BBB site for business information want quality products or services. Having a BBB business profile can help your company stand out from the competition.

Additionally, you can provide discerning consumers with details about your company.

Doing so will help them make an informed decision about what to expect. Claiming your BBB business profile is also a chance to optimize your online presence by incorporating solid SEO strategies.

Optimizing Your Business Profile

Use SEO strategies to take full advantage of a BBB profile. Start with a clear and concise, completely unique overview of your business.

Add one or two relevant keywords that flow naturally and avoid keyword stuffing. You also want to omit marketing claims and stick to explaining what your business does.

To maximize SEO, remain consistent with matching your BBB profile business name, and contact information with every online listing.

Consider Becoming BBB Accredited

The market is saturated with businesses vying for the same customers. BBB accreditation elevates your business to a proven status of being the best in your industry.

BBB awards accreditation to businesses that meet its Standards of Accreditation by following a set of best practices. Businesses are expected to maintain a good marketplace track record by interacting with consumers in an honest and fair manner.

Getting Reviews on Your BBB Profile

Another way a BBB business profile can boost your online reputation is through customer reviews. Whether positive, negative or neutral, customers can post reviews about their experiences.

BBB even offers a direct link that you can send to customers to make submitting a review easy.

Claim Your FREE BBB Business Profile Today!

A robust BBB business profile is a great opportunity for you to increase exposure and potentially gain more clients. Claim your BBB Business Profile here.

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