Illustration demonstrating cashflow

Working On Your Business Vs In Your Business

I think anyone who has built their own business from nothing, has either thought about this concept or has some sort of idea of it. In this short blog post, I’m hoping to get you to experience a small paradigm shift in how you think about your business and how

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Picture of Trello in browser window

Use Trello For Personal and Business

Anybody that knows me, knows I love Trello, and for good reason. In this short blog post, I want to give you some ideas on how you can leverage this amazing productivity tool both for your business and personal life. Hopefully, after you read this and watch the video included,

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Improve Productivity

Tips For Staying Productive

Whether you’re a business owner or student, getting productive and staying productive for long periods of time is crucial for meeting your goals. Below are just a few things I do to help me stay on track and getting things done. The Sunday Routine I’ve found that my Sunday routine

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