Four Benefits of Centralizing Your Brand Assets

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Brand assets like your logo, color scheme, and tagline help customers recognize your business across media platforms. While you are busy developing a marketing strategy, it is not unusual for assets to end up in separate folders dedicated to specific uses. For example, you might have a set of graphics designed for your website and another set in a folder dedicated to social media.

While this arrangement makes sense at the beginning of your marketing efforts, it can lead to confusion down the line. If your design team has to make an ad on short notice, they may end up unintentionally modifying your traditional color scheme if they cannot find the assets quickly. To avoid this kind of asset creep, we encourage businesses to centralize the storage of brand assets in a single digital location.

Organized Brand Asset Advantages

Organizing brand assets in one cloud-based location provides several benefits, such as:

  1. Consistency: Centralizing your brand assets, such as logos, brand colors, fonts, and imagery ensures that they are consistent and up-to-date. If you decide to make changes to your branding, you can quickly update your logos across all platforms. This consistency helps build brand recognition and trust with your audience.


  1. Efficiency: Having all your brand assets in one location makes it easier and faster for you and your team to access them when needed, reducing the time and effort spent searching for assets across different platforms or files. It also removes the temptation for team members to make their best guess on sizing and color choices.


  1. Collaboration: When all your brand assets are in one central location, it becomes easier for your team members or external partners to collaborate on projects. They can access the assets they need and work on them simultaneously, without any confusion or delays.


  1. Scalability: As your business grows, so does your brand, and having a single location for all your brand assets makes it easier to scale your brand identity across different channels and platforms. For example, if your business sponsors a charitable event, you can share the correct logo for the sponsor page quickly and with confidence.

Streamline Your Digital Marketing

Keeping all your brand assets in a central location will save you time and frustration. When the BlueSoft team develops a website, we always provide a centralized branding page for your use and reference in the future. Our goal is to remove the friction from digital marketing!

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