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The digital age has changed the way consumers look for building services, and contractors need an online presence to stay competitive in a crowded market. If you are tired of watching other companies get projects that would be perfect for your business, BlueSoft can help. We provide advanced online marketing for contractors that generates serious, high-quality leads.

Is Your Business Getting Lost in the Crowd?

When you have the tools, training, and experience to provide excellent results for your customers, it’s frustrating to think about projects going to the competition. No matter how good you are at roofing, drywall, or finishing, your prospective clients must find you first. An online presence is essential in today’s contracting marketplace.

At the same time, a weak online marketing strategy can do more harm than good. Ill-conceived contractor web design will give clients a poor impression of your business. Prospective clients will see a shoddy website as a sign of poor project results. An online business profile with incomplete information may make them question your organizational skills.

Contractor marketing services from BlueSoft will ensure that your online presence represents the care and attention you bring to every client. Most importantly, our work will make valuable connections that lead to new projects. Our goal is to help grow your contracting business.

Expert Internet Marketing for Contractors

Lead-Generating Contractor Digital Marketing

Websites for Contractors

We develop effective websites designed specifically to generate leads for your contracting business.

Search Engine Optimization

All of our marketing efforts use the latest SEO techniques to boost your rank in search engine results.

Engaging Blog Posts

We write content that establishes your authority, speaks to your clients, and keeps them engaged with your business.

Google Business Profile Management

Our team will help fill out and maintain your online business profile to give potential clients a complete picture of your business.


Pay-Per-Click Advertising Services

We provide the resources to carry out profitable PPC campaigns that will bring customers to your door.

Better Business Bureau Vendor

We’re proud to work with the Pacific Southwest BBB and their clients to create beautiful websites that bring value to businesses and the communities they serve.

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High-Powered Marketing for Contractors

When you are ready to power up your online marketing game, we are the experienced team to call. From websites to PPC campaigns, BlueSoft will help you generate leads and grow your business. Contact us today for a free consultation.

FAQs About Internet Marketing for Contractors

Below Are Some Common Questions About Contractor Digital Marketing

In many cases, clients don’t have a standing relationship with a contractor. Instead, they go to the internet and search for general or specialized contractors in their area. An online marketing strategy increases the likelihood that your business will turn up in their search.

Search engine optimization means configuring content so that it ranks higher in search engine results. For example, we research the key search terms that potential clients use when looking for your services, and we incorporate them into our websites, blogs, and PPC ads. By including this language, your business will score higher in search algorithms.

A pay-per-click campaign is an advertising tool that puts ads for your business above organic search results on sites like Google or Bing. Your ad appears if the client uses specific search terms, and you pay a fee every time someone clicks your ad. The advantage of a PPC marketing campaign is that it often results in quality leads who are motivated to purchase your services.

Your digital presence should start with a well-constructed website that includes SEO-configured content. At the same time, you will want to build your Google Business Profile. These two pieces are a great start for sharing information about your business and making initial connections. From there, you can expand your marketing efforts by adding SEO-focused blog posts to establish your authority as an expert and build links to your site. If you really want to grow your client base, a PPC campaign is another logical step.

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