Q. What is the cost of a new website?
A. The cost of a new website varies from project to project, according to the amount of work that needs to be done on the site. Some websites are simple in design while others are complex in design and build, and this is what determines the price. Once we go through the project and determine its scope, we will provide you with a comprehensive quote via email.
Q. Can I get your prices online?
A. No, you cannot, as we do not publish our prices online. We do not have a fixed price; all projects are priced differently due to their differences in design. To give you the estimated cost of your project, we have to go through all the project details and understand them before we can email you the pricing.
Q. Why should I choose you over other web design companies in the area?
A. You, as the client, are the main focus in our business. We aim to give you best website that will get you noticed online and enhance your business. We take pride in any project that we do, and create beautiful websites to meet your needs and expectations. Our designs are simple yet elegant and sophisticated, giving your website a clean and modern look.
Q. Once the website is done, will you teach me on how to use it?
A. Yes. Once we are done building the website, we will have a 2-hour training course where we will show you how to use it. You and any other person, including employees, whom you want to be trained on how to use it, can join as well. We will show you how to log into the site’s backend, add, edit, and delete material.
Q. Do you offer web hosting?
A. Yes, we do. We have several hosting packages for you to choose according to your needs. Once the project is finished and we hand it over to you, you can host it wherever you want. You do not have to host with us, but if you want to, we have you covered.
Q. Can you link my social media to my website?
A. Absolutely yes! We can link your social media accounts to your website so that others can easily follow you and help your site become more popular. We can also link it to any major backend system that you use.
Q. Do you offer backup for the website?
A. Yes, we do offer backup for your site and all your databases, though you have to host with us to get the backup services.
Q. Do I have to pay in advance for the work to be done?
A. No, you do not have to pay the total cost of the project in advance. All you are required to pay is the deposit (50% of the total project cost) before we start working on the project. You pay the remaining 50% only after we have completed the work and you are completely satisfied with it. This way, we ensure that you receive and pay for a completed project that you are happy and satisfied with.
Q. If I want a custom design for my project, what should I do?
A. Kindly talk to us via a call or using the contact us form on our website. You will talk to one of our project managers who will get the necessary information from you on your project in order to understand your needs and advise you on what to do.
Q. Will my employees be able to log in to the website to view, add, and edit material?
A. Yes. We have website management systems that allow your employees to log in and do whichever editing they need to on the website. It is simple enough for them to use, yet secure from any unlawful access attempt.
Q. What is my role during the entire design process?
A. Your feedback will be important as we design the project for you. Your approval is important each step of the way, as it ensures that we are on the right path to getting you what you wanted. We will keep you up to date during the design process, as this will enable the project to move forward more efficiently.
Q. Can you make changes to my website in the future?
A. While we train you on how to manage and make changes to your website, we can still manage it for you if you do not have enough time to do it. We do it at an hourly rate that is based on the time and size of your request.
Q. Will you provide Search Engine Optimization for the website?
A. Yes. We offer SEO for all projects that we do, to ensure that your website is Google-friendly and that it can be indexed by major search engines.